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Review Autentico Vintage furniture paint, color Sand

Autentico Vintage furniture paint, color Sand

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With Autentico Vintage furniture paint you can turn your furniture into unique pieces in no time. Vintage adheres to almost all surfaces and requires little preparation. The paint is also extremely suitable as a basis for decorative painting techniques.

With Autentico Vintage furniture magic paint your furniture in no time into unique pieces. Vintage adheres to virtually all surfaces and requires little preparation. The chalk paint is also well suited as a basis of decorative painting techniques, such as, for example, rust effects, weathered copper or marble.

The yield is of course dependent on the substrate and method of application, but keep account of 10-12 m 2 / L.

Autentico Vintage furniture paint by consumers in the United Kingdom, the land of the "chalk paint," since time immemorial considered the best chalk paint. In particular, the wide range of colors, excellent adhesion and the fact that very little preparation is needed, is highly appreciated. It goes without saying that we are there very proud. 

In Autentico Vintage furniture paint we use more than 35% pure chalk as filler and it provides a paint that covers very well, dries quickly and allows you to achieve amazing effects. Vintage is leader in the market of the "chalk paints", made with care and the best ingredients.

Autentico Vintage can be applied without much preparation. Make sure the surface is clean and free of grease. Lightly sand the adhesion improves substantially.

For very difficult substrate or substrates with uneven suction, we recommend applying a layer Autentico Undercoat. This also improves the coverage of red and yellow colors.

The application of water-based paint on certain types of wood, such as oak, can cause blood flow and discoloration. The tannins are then activated in the woods and are responsible for this. By applying a layer of insulating Autentico Primer to prevent blood flow.


The colors on this website are indicative. We really did our best to the colors that we publish on our website to leave as reliable as possible come, but computer screens can display different colors sometimes. Therefore, we recommend to buy a color card or a 100ml tester, so you can judge the color spot.